What’s the turnaround time for your service?

You’ll receive a link to your edited photos within 5-7 business days of when when we receive your product. We’ll email you with the estimated date of completion as soon as we receive your product.

What types of products do you photograph?

Vegan or plant-based textiles, housewares, electronics, clothing and accessories, packaged foods and beverages, skincare, supplements — pretty much anything not made from animal-derived materials or ingredients. Health, beauty, and supplement products must be both vegan and cruelty free (not tested on animals).

What products do you NOT photograph?

Products containing leather, fur, wool, lanolin, silk, beeswax, meat, bone, antlers, coral, egg, dairy, honey etc. Also the animal-derived versions of the following ingredients (plant-derived versions are fine): stearic acid, glycerine, collagen, food flavorings, food colorings, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. Food/beverage items that use the following substances in processing: bone char, isinglass, gelatin, egg. Any other product, byproduct, or ingredient sourced from animals. Any product tested on animals or designed to harm or disturb an animal such as a weapon, bait, poison, trap, shock collar, choke chain, or horse whip.

What if I don’t know if the paint, dye or coating on my product is vegan?

In the case of products like electronics, clothing, and textiles, we have found that determining whether the paint, dyes, coatings, etc. are vegan is often neither possible nor practical, so we focus on the general composition of the product. For example, a pair of yellow acetate sunglasses would be considered vegan for our purposes because acetate is derived from wood, even if the source of the substance used to color them yellow cannot be determined. (We believe our greater goal of reducing the suffering of animals is better served by taking this approach. After all, these words are being displayed on an electronic device that uses materials, colorings and coatings of unknown origin.) We hope that as industries shift away from the use of sentient beings as raw materials, the more elusive byproducts will gradually disappear from the market. If your product is itself a paint, dye, or coating, etc., then it does need to be vegan.

Does my packaging and labeling have to be vegan?

We encourage the use of vegan packaging and labeling, however, we realize that it isn’t always possible to find vegan labels and that most inks and toners are not vegan. We just ask that your packaging be free of things like leather or beeswax, which are easily avoidable.

Do you photograph large or heavy products?

It depends how large/heavy. We do not accept shipments or deliveries exceeding 60 linear inches (Total length + width + height) or 50lbs.

Do you offer a lower rates for large orders?

Bulk discounts are already built into our flat rate pricing. The lower rate applies only to an individual product type. For example if you purchase 15 product seamless photos and 2 gifs, only the product seamless photos would be eligible for the lower rate. Just make sure to select the appropriate rate under “Pricing Options” and then select the number of photos or gifs you want under “Quantity.” Just make sure the quantity corresponds to the pricing option you select.