Do you photograph large or heavy products?

It depends how large/heavy. We do not accept shipments exceeding 60 linear inches (Total length + width + height) or 50lbs. Our studio setup is optimized for small and moderately-sized products.

What types of products do you photograph?

Textiles, housewares, electronics, cruelty-free health and beauty products, clothing and accessories — pretty much anything not made from animal-derived materials or ingredients.

Does my product have to be marketed as vegan or plant-based in order to qualify for your services?

No. If your product happens to be vegan, but is not marketed as such, that’s fine! (Although we encourage you to promote that aspect of your product.)

Does my packaging and labeling have to be vegan?

We encourage the use of vegan packaging and labeling, however, we realize that it isn’t always possible to find vegan labels and that most inks and toners are not vegan. We just ask that your packaging be free of things like leather or beeswax, which are easily avoidable.

What if I don’t love the results?

We want you to be happy and will always make adjustments and reshoot if necessary.

Do you issue refunds?

We do not issue refunds once work has been performed, but we will always do our best to address any issue you may have with your photographs, whether it means retouching or reshooting.